The Color Lab’s physical space at 30 North Main St. is currently closed.
Materials may be requested through the Visual + Materials Resource Center at Fleet Library.
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Faculty Research Grants

The RISD Color Lab awards two full-time faculty members a course release to conduct research and color-related inquiry in the Color Lab space every academic year. This opportunity also includes up to $2000 in funding for each faculty member to use for material and equipment needs that will aid in the execution of their research projects while contributing to the physical resources of the lab.

Each research project culminates in a joint exhibition that takes place in the Color Lab at the conclusion of the academic year. At this time, the RISD community is invited to come and experience what the faculty fellows have contributed to the study of color.

Current Faculty Grantees

Sara Jordenö

Craig Taylor

Past Faculty Grant Projects 

Coloring Our Time

2019–2020 Faculty Grant Project by Odette England

The project, led by faculty member Odette England, started with this question: As a global arts and design community, how will RISD see color in 2020?

Read more about the project here

Analytic Charts

2019–2020 Faculty Grant Project by Daniel Lefcourt

Color Served Daily
The RISD Color Lab is an open space where visitors can come to study, work, think, play, and learn about the one aspect of art and design that draws us all together : COLOR

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Fall Semester 2020
The Color Lab is closed to visitors for Fall 2020 due to COVID-19. Materials may be requested through the Visual + Materials Resource Center at Fleet Library. 

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