The Color Lab’s physical space at 30 North Main St. is currently closed.
Materials may be requested through the Visual + Materials Resource Center at Fleet Library.
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Resources In The Lab

Our library of resources is contantly growing.  Please visit regularly to see what’s new.

-Over 300 common and rare dry pigments
-Over 50 books covering a wide breadth of topics related to color study
-A unique collection of 150 historic textile dyes and colorants from the American Textile History Museum
-A collection of rare indigo cakes produced in the late 19th century
-A collection of laboratory glassware and an induction hot plate that can be used to mix and experiment with a variety of artist’s materials-An X-Rite i1Studio Spectrophotometer for calibrating and profiling monitors, projectors, scanners, and printers (available through RISD Media Resources checkout system).

-A complete collection of professional reference fan decks and swatch binders containing architectural coating offerings from Benjamin Moore
-A collection of professional sample boards for acrylic paints and mediums from Golden Artist Colors
-A Munsell 3D “Color Tree” and accompanying “Book of Color" models for visualizing color space
-An offering of promotional brochures featuring design trends and coating specifications from Benjamin Moore
-A collection of designer’s reference fan decks and swatch binders from Pantone, including CMYK coated and uncoated, metallic, pastel and neon, extended gamut, and others
-A 3D swatch library of the “Pantone Plastics Color System"
-A Sony 55 inch LCD display with Apple TV
-Easels, drawing horses, and work tables for student use
-A changing inventory of informational posters and signage compiled and designed by RISD staff that feature the ideas, concepts, and color study methods of prominent colorists such as Albers, Munsell, and Itten

Color Served Daily
The RISD Color Lab is an open space where visitors can come to study, work, think, play, and learn about the one aspect of art and design that draws us all together : COLOR

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Fall Semester 2020
The Color Lab is closed to visitors for Fall 2020 due to COVID-19. Materials may be requested through the Visual + Materials Resource Center at Fleet Library. 

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